a program to model admixture using marker genotype data  

Convert data from ANCESTRYMAP format to ADMIXMAP format

C++ program : Windows(45kb), Linux(30kb) or source (14kb)

Instructions are built in.

PERL Script (Thanks to Arti Tandon)

 Convert data from ADMIXMAP format to ANCESTRYMAP format

C++ program Windows(45kb), Linux(29kb) or source (14kb)

Instructions are built in.

Convert data from STRUCTURE format to ADMIXMAP format

A PERL script to create an ADMIXMAP genotypes file. (Thanks to Indrani Halder)        sample inputfile

Run as : "perl <inputfile> [<genotypesfile>]". The genotypesfile name  is optional and defaults to "genotypes.txt".

Note that you will also need to create a locusfile in order to use ADMIXMAP.

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